Hometown book launches are like wedding receptions…

I’ve always felt like book launches in your hometown are like wedding receptions (although this one at McNally’s did not have free booze). People from all different areas of your life come out to help you celebrate: old friends; your parents’ old friends; co-workers; that cousin you’re always supposed to do lunch with; that mom from your daughter’s dance class you’ve gotten to know; your nine-year-old son’s best friend and your eighteen-year-old niece. It’s especially nice when you have a bustling, nurturing, thriving independent bookstore to do it in. You feel like your cup runneth over, and you should.

Thanks to all of you came out, and said nice things, and bought a book. You managed to push Your Constant Star to the top of the Young Adult list, ahead of that other YA title with the word “Star” in it (as in, The Fault in our Stars, soon to be a major motion picture, don’t you know) for this week.

image IMG_20140424_201747




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